Thursday, 1 August 2013

Week 20

Half way there! Jellybean is doing great. Don't feel any movement during the day, even though I'm not busy and am usually sitting or laying down, but it definitely gets active at night when I get into bed. I'm the one not doing so well at the moment. Started off with a sore throat and sore neck and last night I couldn't get to sleep because the right side of my face was painful. My jaw was sore, my teeth were sore, my ear was in pain. Finally I had to get up and take some Panadol as I was nearly in tears from not being comfortable enough to go to sleep. Luckily it worked and I got some sleep, but today I cannot hear out my right ear very well and my neck is still sore.

This weekend we will start on the nursery. I have chosen a colour called Puddle for the walls and am hoping to find a nice wall sticker to decorate. I did find a cute koala one at a reasonable price, but shipping from Canada was going to be nearly the same amount! So I'll have to keep looking. I've seen a lot of other cute ones, but they haven't been gender neutral. At least after the walls are painted I can FINALLY order the cot!!

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