Saturday, 31 August 2013

Weeks 23 & 24

Am now feeling Jellybean move a lot more during the day and even more at night. Can also see it kicking, which is very cool. Tried to post a video on here but it wouldn't work.

Had my 2nd antenatal appointment yesterday, the first at the hospital where I'm going to deliver. They were going to start a new book for me but luckily they just used the one I had and I didn't have to go through all the questions again. The midwife was lovely. Jellybean's heart beat was 147 and my belly is measuring 26cms which is normal. I now have to have the Glucose Challenge Test in 3 weeks and I'm hoping I'll pass it because I don't want to do the longer test that you have to fast for.

Jellybean is also very happy that Uncle Kristan was released from hospital yesterday afternoon after being admitted on Wednesday (which was his birthday!) What sounded like it could be something very serious, turned out not to be so we are all very happy.

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