Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Jellybean's First Photoshoot (19+4 Weeks)

So we went and had our 19-20 week scans today at 3pm.

Jellybean was face down for a while and then decided to scoot all over the place. Very active little thing! Then when it was time for head measurements and face shots it didn't want to co-operate. Cheeky! It opened its mouth quite a bit, like it was singing and we got a photo of it yawning. Looks a bit like an alien in that pic. Everything measured well and all the things they check for were there, like major arteries and organs. No Down Syndrome, which I knew from not hearing back anything after my 15 week blood test. Heartbeat of 143bpm. Head circumference of 17 cms. Measuring at 21 weeks - not worried by this like some people are, I'm still going by the date of my last period and know that babies can come earlier or later than expected anyway.

Only got 12 photos on a disc and most of them were a bit scary looking, but here is our Jellybean:

I think I'll definitely get some 3D/4D scans done at about 32-34 weeks.

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