Sunday, 14 July 2013

Weeks 1 - 18

Not much to report about these last 18 weeks.

I took 3 early home pregnancy tests. I didn't think I would be pregnant, but one night I did eat cookies & cream icecream with sour cream & onion Pringles crushed into it. I did the first test a day before my period was due and it was positive. I was so excited I couldn't stop shaking. My boyfriend and I were going out for dinner that night and I had to wait until he got to my house so I could tell him in person. I took another test a couple of days after that and the 3rd a couple of days after that. They were positive too. When I went to my GP, he didn't even bother checking with a blood test, my 3 positive tests were good enough for him.

I've been very lucky and haven't had morning sickness. I make sure I have some dry biscuits or a piece of bread as soon as I wake up. If I don't, then I feel a bit queasy. Constantly snacking throughout the day also helps. I haven't rid caffeine out completely, I still have 2 cups of tea a day and I do drink a LOT of iced coffee and coke.

I missed having a scan at 12 weeks due to not knowing when settlement would be on our new house and then moving, but had my first antenatal appointment at 15 weeks. We didn't get to see the baby or get any measurements but got to hear the heartbeat. That was amazing to hear that there was actually something alive in there. Now I have to make my 19-20 week scan and antenatal appointment and we will finally see our Jellybean!

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