Tuesday, 16 July 2013

The Name Game

Choosing a boys name was easy. We've had that one locked away for a while. Choosing a name for a girl is so much harder. I have names that I like, but my boyfriend doesn't like them. I want something that sounds pretty and is unique but not too outrageous. A name that can be shortened to something that doesn't sound horrible. I've probably been thinking about names since I was 16 and have always favoured boys names because I've wanted to have a boy. So if this Jellybean is a girl, then perhaps it will have to have a boys name! I've searched many websites for inspiration but nothing has jumped out at me. Some names I like have already been used by people I know and I want to be different. I know there are 5 months to go, but I want to be prepared so I hope we can come up with a name we both agree on soon.

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